Planning Core Modules

When and where does a UMA get planned? Anytime and anywhere. Here is a pic of the planning I did for my core modules and potential experts/tutors – the core module planning was done during my 20 minute break at work, and the experts planning was done on a piece of receipt paper during a quiet moment when I was back at the checkout.

A UMA can be planned anytime, anywhere.

I think that I have pinned down the core modules – at least this is what makes most sense for now:

Children’s Rights, Parenthood and Education UMA

Core Modules:

  1. The history of childhood and the emergence of children’s rights.
  2. Patriarchy, feminism and the culture of parenthood.
  3. The evolution of education and alternative educational futures.
  4. ?

I have intentionally left 4 blank, because I want to have space to include what is necessary for me to transition into the dissertation. Perhaps that will be a model about research methods, perhaps it will be something else that comes to light during the study of other modules. I don’t think I will know for sure until nearer the time. In fact, each of the module titles might evolve and shift as things go on, to make sure they most accurately reflect what I am doing.

The next step is to structure the individual modules. I have started to collect a list of resources, that includes experts, materials for study etc, so I will now start to attribute those resources to each module, and also find any more that I need. The intention is to have 8 different topics within the modules, that is where I will start but as things go on I am happy to play with that to make sure that what I am doing makes sense and is fitting/comprehensive enough to what needs to be studied.

I have also started thinking about how I will find UMA tutors to work with for each module. I have a list of prospective people who I would love to collaborate with, I am also going to draw up a ‘job spec’ for the role, so that I can open the opportunity up and so that people know what is involved – that spec of course is totally negotiable based on the ideas and thoughts of the prospective tutor/mentor. It is essential that the opportunity be mutually beneficial – a chance to work together in a new way, to share ideas, to be creative and collaborate in the context of this alternative educational model.

Another aspect that I have been thinking about in connection with developing the modules, is how I am going to create space for peer discussion and debate. At the moment my thinking is that I will create a Facebook group for that purpose, and put out an invite for interested parties to join, to then have focused discussions at various points. I am really excited to have had a really positive response to my first post about the UMA – with a number of great people coming forward with an interest in being involved, so I hope to include those people if the set up works for them, and build from there.

So, next step: structure the modules.

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