I have a tutor: introducing Toby Rollo PhD

It has never been my intention that the UMA be conducted in isolation. Unschooling is inherently cooperative, community minded, it’s personalised learning, but it’s not individualistic learning – unschooling works when we work together, build together.

It’s fundamentally about sharing, connecting, sharing ideas, supporting each other. In unschooling, the role of student and teacher can be interchangeable – we are all learners all the time, it’s collaborative.

I knew that it was important for the perceived credibility of the UMA that I collaborate with people working in higher education. Not to replicate a university based experience as such, but to ensure that the standard that I am working to is at least equal to the rigour and standard of a university accredited MA. It’s one thing for me to follow my learning in an unschooling way, but I want this project to demonstrate that unschooling doesn’t mean a lesser quality of education than the traditional route.

I’ve been active on Twitter regarding the status of children in society since 2013, specifically on the issue of childism/adultism and the broad impact of the experience of marginalisation in childhood. One of the first people I met was Toby Rollo.

Dr. Toby Rollo holds a PhD in Political Science from the University of Toronto. He has recently been awarded a Postdoctoral Fellowship by the Canadian Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council to be held at the University of British Columbia from 2016 to 2018.

Dr. Rollo’s research examines the variety of exclusions built into modern conceptions of citizenship and political agency, with a particular focus on how problems of diversity, inclusion, consent and voice feature in contemporary political theory and practice. His work on the limits of democratic citizenship and agency extends into the fields of political geography, postcolonial theory, comparative political theory, Canadian politics, and the politics of children and childhood.”

I am really delighted to be able to share that Toby has agreed to be a tutor/mentor for this UMA. He will be supporting me by signposting relevent research and reading, and through the discussion of ideas and the development of my studies.


What is especially brilliant about all this is that whilst Toby works within the walls of a university, he is unschooling with his family. In short, he gets it. Thank you Toby, it’s great to have your involvement in this project.

You can find Toby on Twitter @TobyRollo


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