Books and budgets.

Today I picked up my first hard copy resources – they are a few of the books that I have come across or have been recommended to me so far, for the first module (history of childhood and emergence of children’s rights). I’m also on the look out for histories of childhood written by women, if you know any please do shout out in a comment or tweet me @schristophy


These books were available through my local library, although I had to order them in via the library catalogue. It cost me 60p per reservation. Speaking of money, I’m keeping a record of everything that I find myself spending as part of this process. My intention is to do as much as I can for free, and otherwise keep the spending to a minimum. This is my notebook at the moment, we already had it in the house before I started.


I am also considering different ways that I can utilise the work that I am doing on the UMA in order to raise funds to support it – for travel expenses and buying any resources that I might need etc. I have a few ideas up my sleeve…

OK, I’m going to go and get reading!


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